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Website Design

Translate you brand online

Our skilled web designers have over 15 years experience in translating your brand onto the web. Not only does our team create beautiful responsive websites, we are experts at tailoring your website design to meet your business needs.

It is essential nowadays that you have an online presence, but this does not mean you have to dramatically change who you are, you simply need to tell your business' story online. It is the task of your website designer to understand your business and your target market to ensure your website accurately represents the value you bring and builds trust those who view your site.

Building trust is not just about having a beautiful design (although this helps!) it is also about considering the content on your website and the 'voice' that comes through when users visit your site. With Khoo Web Services we will combine creative design with technical ability so that your website is engaging and branded. 

Tailored web design 

We know how hard it is to convey who you are online, and that's why we are here to help. As you will imagine, we spend a lot of time looking at websites and keeping up with all the latest trends. However, we also know the frustration of having a fancy website which does not generate any business value.

Our affordable website design services give you everything you need to have a professional, responsive online presence which not only looks good, but essentially, tells your story and builds trust with your visitors. We make usability a priority to ensure that your website guides your visitors to where you want them to be. At the end of the day, your online presence must add value to your business and that's what we'd like to do for you.

Based in West Sussex, we support clients nationwide and are just at the end of the phone, should you need anything.